Friday, January 14, 2011


The snow keeps falling and....I say "have a good hobby to pull you through!"  As I rest my camera... and consider new backgrounds and props, lighting and barn doors....I seem to have adopted railways and the 1950's on the brain. Actually the kitchen is taking on a 2011 meets 1961 look.
I painted robin egg blue and buttercream yellow. Yikes!  It looks like I'm expecting and do not know the baby's gender.  The new retro table will certainly pull things together.
 Yellow Handle Back.JPG (551055 bytes)
And then there's the new railway in the house.  The model railroad hobby has kidnapped Tim!
Creating things in small scale is truly fun and addictive.  It won't be long before I set up my lights and capture some small scale captures to post!
Here are a few from Bandana Square railroad museum~

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