Friday, September 10, 2010

School has started

School has started and life at home has been all discombobbled.  I posted this picture to remind me of one relaxing time I had this summer with Andy and Tim.  We were just putting our canoe (and kayak) in the Namekogan River... and next to us doing the very same thing was a dad and his two adolescent sons.  He clearly was an English teacher.  I mean who would read a book like this in August?
I took the picture for English teacher.  I thought she'd have an opinion of some sort.  I not sure if I ever showed her this picture.  She and I have been nonsense busy as we both start our new jobs in the world of Education.  The world will slow down one day....honestly I am looking forward to a good Minnesota winter -minus the shoveling.  A warm house, the smell of chili and an episode of Glee is what I dream for.

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