Sunday, September 19, 2010

2 Inches = ALOT of work!

Choice Communications (Adrienne's Company) hired me to do some Staff photos and Store photos. Above is the staff photo.  This will be printed onto canvas which wraps around a frame.  I need to add two inches to all sides for the wrap around.   Not much room to play with so I need to sleep on it and decide what to do?

Choice Communications now has 9 locations around the Cities.  It took me a week or two or three to make it to all 9 stores.

Maple Grove

                                                                    Forest Lake

Eden Prairie Mall

The Arden Hills Location....Adrienne's baby

Maplewood Mall Kiosk

Maplewood Mall

Rosedale Mall Kiosk

Rosedale Mall

The highlight of this photo shoot was discovering a round barn in Sartell.

Traveling to St. Cloud and Sartell was highlighted by this barn which looks to be in a meadow somewhere in the prairie....not the case.  This barn was the center of earth being moved all around it to create the new Downtown Sartell.  A man walking his dog told me that the plan was this barn as the Center of the new downtown.

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