Sunday, July 11, 2010

The yard is so colorful and green!  I FINALLY got my camera out this weekend and had some fun taking random pictures in the yard!  

One of the things I really wanted to create this year was a fairy garden.  I looked everywhere inline for the perfect fairies to start my fairy garden and call me cheap...but 75$ was too much!  And that was just for 5!
One day I went to a garage sale here in Richfield and I found these cute little people called something like "Apple Dumplins" I bought all 13 of them for .50 cents each and the cute little ones are all over my yard.
Lily and Ruby really haven't discovered them yet...or maybe they just look too weird!
The girls get a bigger kick out of throwing pennies into Lake Lisa.

Charlie is such a good grand puppy!  Andy and Sara left Charlie with me on Saturday and he became part of the backyard photo shoot!  He doesn't really look too happy with me.

Lily and I found these fairies at the DOLLAR STORE!  Thank God I didn't buy the ones online for 75$
We planted the fairy looks pretty lame this year!
This plant looks like purple clover....very pretty and a perennial.

My favorite picture of the shoot...a baby grasshopper atop the bunny!

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