Thursday, July 29, 2010

Very Proud of Me!

When I started classes in photography...I wondered if it was enough of a passion to get the full degree.
The classes at HTC were informative, fun and helpful, but the real skill in photography is PRACTICE everything you learn and never thinking you've mastered anything.  In this world of digital technology there is always something new or better or bigger to learn or buy.  I am very proud of my degree that I earned at Hennepin Technical College.  It is the closest thing that I will ever earn to a four year degree!  And somewhere in me many years ago (20 years ago) I thought it would be an ultimate goal to attain a degree before my last born does. Amadeline graduated this same May 2010 with a Teaching degree in Secondary Language Arts.  
My life is quite content this summer.  I am avidly seeking new photography news, styles and ideas everyday through blogs the internet and everything around us.

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